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October 29, 2019 by John Fonville 0 comments

Christ has Redeemed us through His Obedience

John Calvin: Christ has Redeemed us through His Obedience, which He practiced throughout His Life (Institutes of the Christian Religion, 2.16.5)...Keep Reading

Tags: obedience, redemption, john calvin, Salvation, active obedience, passive obedience, Institutes of the Christian Religion

October 9, 2017 by John Fonville 0 comments

John Calvin on the Four Causes of Salvation

John Calvin discusses the four "causes" of salvation (i.e, the efficient cause- God the Father's mercy; the material cause- Christ's obedience/death; the formal/instrumental cause- faith alone; the final cause- the glory of God)....Keep Reading

Tags: john calvin, sola gratia, sola scriptura, soli deo gloria, Mercy, Salvation, Glory of God, formal cause, material cause, faith alone, Reformation 500, sola Fidea, efficient cause, Christ's obedience, Christ's death, instrumental cause, final cause, 5 Solas, soulus Christus