Our public worship services have resumed. We have childcare from birth to 4. 

Archives for October 2021

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Two Radically Different Views of Salvation

Two Radically Different Views of Salvation: Thirty Nine Articles, Articles 11-13 & The Council of Trent: Chapter 7: The Causes of this justification are; Session 6, Canons 9, 11-12...

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Nowell's Catechism on the Chief Parts of the Word of God

Nowell's Catechism on the Chief Parts of the Word of God...

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The Marks of the Church Point to the Gospel

How do the marks of the church point to the gospel?...

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Sola Fide: A Most Wholesome Doctrine

According to the Thirty-nine Articles, the Homily of Salvation or Homily of Justification outlines “a most wholesome doctrine”, that “we are justified by Faith only”. Lee Gatiss...

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A Distortion of History

Mark Chapman writes about the historical distortion of history made by the 19th century Oxford movement. ...

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Why Do Anglicans Refer to Their Ordained Ministers as Priests?

Why do Anglicans refer to their ordained ministers as priest?...

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A Feast of Scripture

A distinctive feature of Thomas Cranmer's reforms of the worship of the English church was the prominent place he gave to the extensive reading of Scripture. ...

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