Gospel-Driven Godliness and Church Leadership, Part 10

April 21, 2013 Pastor: John Fonville Series: Titus

Scripture: Titus 1:10–1:16

Gospel-Driven Godliness and Church Leadership

Part 10


Text: Titus 1:10-16



I.     The Characteristics of False Teachers


A.    False teachers are insubordinate. v. 10


B.    False teachers are empty talkers. v. 10


C.    False teachers are deceivers. v. 10


D.    False teachers are destructive. v. 11


E.    False teachers are greedy. v. 11


F.     False teachers are a reflection of fallen culture. vv. 12-13a


G.    False teachers are devoted to man-made laws. vv. 13b-14


H.    False teachers are defiled. v. 15




J.     False teachers are detestable. v. 16


What makes a man detestable to God?


“They are idolaters, as were the Jews at that time, who said: ‘Circumcision saves you.’ It is the righteousness of Christ that saves you; that is where true righteousness is, and the contrary is idolatry and an abomination.” Martin Luther, Luther’s Works, vol. 29, p. 49

What is idolatry?

What does idolatry look like?

Why is idolatry detestable before God?



“…we may gather that man’s nature, so to speak, is a perpetual factory of idols.” JohnCalvin, Institutes, 1.11.8.

“…every one of us is, even from his mother’s womb, expert in inventing idols. But lest men excuse themselves therewithal, this history doth witness that this is the fountain of superstitions, because men are unthankful to God, and do give His glory to some other.” John Calvin, Calvin’s Commentaries, vol. 19, p. 413

 How do we know if a functional idol rather than Christ is controlling our lives?

Where might you be looking to the creation—someone or something—to be your savior? 

God excels in saving and freeing idolaters!


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