Gospel-Driven Godliness and Church Leadership, Part 2

January 20, 2013 Series: Titus

Scripture: Titus 1:5–1:16

Gospel-Driven Godliness and Church Leadership

Part 2


Text: Titus: 5-16

January 20, 2013




The offices of God’s Church are not honorary positions bestowed on individuals who have attended church faithfully or who are senior in years. Nor are they board positions to be filled by good friends, rich donors, or charismatic personalities. Nor are they positions that only graduate seminary students can fill. The church offices, both eldership and deaconship, are open to all who meet the apostolic, biblical requirements. The New Testament is unequivocally emphatic on this point (Biblical Eldership, p. 68).




I.          Elders must be above reproach in their family life. 1:6


A.         Husband of one wife, v. 6b





Marital fidelity is nurtured and maintained in the rich soil of the gospel.


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