An Authoritative Model of Gospel-Driven Ministry, Part 3

October 14, 2012 Pastor: John Fonville Series: Titus

Scripture: Titus 1:1–1:4

An Authoritative Model of

Gospel-Driven Ministry

Part 3


Text: Titus 1:1-4




I.          A gospel-driven ministry is devoted to the service of the gospel. 1:1a-b


II.         A gospel-driven ministry is devoted to the goal of the gospel. 1:1c-3a


What is the goal(s) of the gospel? What is the goal(s) of a gospel-driven ministry?


A.         Faith, 1:1c


1.         What is faith?


2.         Where does faith come from?


3.         What constitutes genuine saving faith?



4.         Who hears the gospel and responds with faith in Christ?


a.         What is election?


“Whenever God acts for the good of the people He is acting against what they deserve as rebellious sinners, and that action is grace. Election means that God chooses some and not others as objects of His grace.” Graeme Goldsworthy, According to Plan, p. 122

“…the Holy Spirit has taught us nothing but what it behooves us to know, the knowledge of this would no doubt be useful, provided it be confined to the word of God. Let this then be our sacred rule, to seek to know nothing concerning it, except what Scripture teaches us: when the Lord closes His holy mouth, let us also stop the way, that we may not go farther.” John Calvin, Calvin’s Commentaries, vol. xix, pp. 353-354

“Men are not chosen because they believe, but they believe because they are chosen.” Stephen Charnock


b.         Why does Paul speak of “God’s elect” in his opening greeting?


c.          How does election relate to faith, the gospel and a gospel-driven ministry? What does it benefit us to know that God has chosen a people for Himself?




1.         God’s gospel creates a passion to see genuine conversion.


2.         God’s election guarantees the success of a gospel-driven ministry.


“Our Savior has bid us preach the Gospel to every creature. He has not said, “Preach it only to the elect.” And though that might seem to be the most logical thing for us to do, yet, since He has not been pleased to stamp the elect on their foreheads, or to put any distinctive mark upon them, it would be an impossible task for us to perform! Therefore when we preach the Gospel to every creature, the Gospel makes its own division and Christ’s sheep hear His voice and follow Him,” (Charles Spurgeon, “Too Little for the Lamb,” sermon no. 2937, Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit, vol. 51, p. 262).


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