The Sunday Next Before Easter or Palm Sunday?

The "Sunday Next Before Easter" or "Palm Sunday?"

This past Sunday our church referred to this particular Lord's Day as "The Sunday Next Before Easter" rather than "Palm Sunday." Why did we do this since so many people referred to last Sunday as “Palm Sunday." We did this because the 1662 refers to this past Sunday as “The Sunday Next Before Easter."

You might ask: Why does the 1662 BCP do this? And why is there no mention of "Palm Sunday" in the 1662 BCP? Phillip Jensen has written a brief, helpful article explaining the importance of this difference.

Reformation Anglicans have very good news to share and this good news is captured and focused clearly in the 1662 BCP. As Jensen writes, "The focus is always on what happened at the end of the week in Jerusalem when Jesus was crucified for our sins [buried-J.F.] and rose to new life."

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