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Guilt, Grace, & Gratitude: A Paradigm For Comfort

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Date: July 28, 2019

Speaker: John Fonville

Series: Guilt, Grace & Gratitude: A Paradigm of Comfort

Category: Sanctification

Scripture: Romans 3:20–3:20, Romans 3:21–3:26, Romans 12:1–12:1

Tags: grace, sanctification, law and gospel, assurance, heidelberg catechism, justification, redemption, zacharias ursinus, gospel-driven, Trinity, Great Commandment, Liturgy, Despair, Thomas Cranmer, Book of Common Prayer, English Reformers, Normative, comfort, guilt-grace-gratitude, sin-salvation-service, law-gospel-law, pedagogical, Caspar Olevianus, The Comfortable Words, misery, paradigm, general confession, Medieval Church

Comfort is necessary to live the Christian life out of gratitude. No comfort. No gratitude. Only guilt under the weight of our sin and misery before God the Judge. What then is necessary to know to live and die in the joy of this comfort?