The Greatest Drama Ever Staged

January 21, 2018 Pastor: John Fonville Series: Two Keys To Spiritual Growth

Topic: Sacraments Scripture: Luke 24:13–35

In Luke 24:13-35, Luke records the story of the two disciples walking with Jesus on the Emmaus Road. In this story, Jesus gives the church a model for how people come to recognize Him, namely Word and sacrament. This story reveals the greatest drama ever staged. This drama unfolds in two acts. In Act 1, scripture is expounded. In Act 2, a meal is served so that the Lord may be known. 


The model that Jesus gives here is why the church’s corporate worship service has historically been divided into two parts:

  1. The Service of the Word: Creation of Faith
  2.  The Service of the Sacrament: Confirmation of Faith.

In the Service of the Word and in the Service of the Sacrament, the triune God has the leading role as He works to open eyes so that the risen Jesus may be known.