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The Song of Elizabeth

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Date: December 3, 2017

Speaker: John Fonville

Series: Five Songs of the Nativity

Category: Nativity

Scripture: Luke 1:39–1:45

Tags: blessing, incarnation, promise, Holy Spirit, Christmas, Blessed, protoevangelium, Mary, Serpent Crusher, Messiah, Advent, fulfillment, Zechariah, Elizabeth, John the Baptist, Luke, fetus, song, joy, Psalm 110, Nativity, Gabriel, angel of the Lord, theotokos

Luke 1:39-45 records the Song of Elizabeth. The Song of Elizabeth is the first of five songs that cluster around the nativity story in the opening chapters of Luke’s Gospel. The occasion of this song is the meeting of Mary and Elizabeth. However, this is no ordinary meeting between pregnant mothers. Their meeting was a great turning point in the history of redemption. Elizabeth, filled with the Holy Spirit, functions as a prophetess. She blesses Mary and explains the significance of their meeting. Elizabeth’s song is a song of blessing. We will see from it that God’s “blessing” is rich for those who believe in His promises. Thus, we could refer to this song as “Elizabeth’s Song of Blessing.”