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The Duties of Good Citizenship, Part 3

May 18, 2014 Pastor: John Fonville Series: Titus

Scripture: Titus 3:1–3:2

The Duties of Good Citizenship

Part 3

 Text: Titus 3:1-2



I.     Remember the duties of good citizenship (3:1-2).

 A.     The believer’s duty to government authorities (v. 1a).



B.     The believer’s duty to fellow believers (vv. 1b-2).


“God does not need our good works, but our neighbor does,” (Gustaf Wingren, Luther on Vocation, 10).

1.    Ready for every Good Work, v. 1b

2.    Speak No Evil, v. 2

3.    Avoid Quarrels, v. 2

4.    Gentle, v. 2

5.    Courtesy, v. 2