Gospel Purity in the Church part 1

October 27, 2013

Scripture: Jude 1:3–1:13

False teachers must be directly refuted to protect the church from denying the and sharing in their sure judgment.


1. Jude 3-4 The false teachers are to be identified and directly refuted.

    • Jude speaks the gospel and confronts false teachers

    • Protecting the church takes focused effort

    • The false teachers:

      • slipped in quietly

      • are recognized by their bad fruit

      • are recognized by their bad doctrine

2. Jude 5-7 The false teachers will be judged.

  • Numbers 14 - Identifying as Israelite does not protect from judgement
  • Genesis 7 - Angelic status does not protect
  • Sodom and Gomorrah - Community status does not protect (but can even damn)

3. Jude 8-13 The false teachers should not be followed.

    • The have no authority to lead..

      • Rely on dreams

      • Commands contradict God’s Law

      • Reject apostolic authority

      • Blasphemous of spiritual beings

    • Their judgment is coming and sure.

      • Way of Cain

      • Balaam’s Error

      • Korah’s rebellion

    • Their teaching is empty.

      • Hidden reefs at love feasts

      • Shepherds feeding themselves

      • Waterless clouds, swept along by winds

      • Fruitless trees in late autumn

      • Wild waves of the sea

      • Wandering stars