Gospel-Driven Godliness and Church Leadership, Part 12

May 12, 2013 Pastor: John Fonville Series: Titus

Scripture: Titus 1:10–1:16

Gospel-Driven Godliness and Church Leadership

Part 12


Text: Titus 1:10-16



I.     The Characteristics of False Teachers


A.    False teachers are insubordinate. v. 10

B.    False teachers are empty talkers. v. 10

C.    False teachers are deceivers. v. 10

D.    False teachers are destructive. v. 11

E.    False teachers are greedy. v. 11

F.     False teachers are a reflection of fallen culture. vv. 12-13a

G.    False teachers are devoted to man-made laws. vv. 13b-14

H.    False teachers are defiled. v. 15

I.     False teachers are ignorant of God. v. 16a

J.     False teachers are detestable. v. 16

K.    False teachers are disobedient. v. 16

L.     False teachers are disqualified. v. 16


How should the leadership of the church respond to false teachers?


“The elders are the ones principally involved in governing Christ’s church, as they exercise spiritual oversight and discipline among God’s people. This authority comes to expression when the regulations for the church’s life that are set forth in Scripture are enforced, and when these are combined with wisdom in a set of mutually agreed upon regulations for the church’s unity and order. Christian discipline is exercised with this authority as well, and it focuses upon the service of Jesus Christ in holiness and obedience—for the sake of God’s glory, the church’s holiness, and the sinner’s restoration,” (Nelson Kloosterman, Called to Serve, p. 174).




II.     The Discipline of False Teachers


A.    False teachers must be silenced. v. 11a


1.    Stop funding false teachers. 

2.    Appoint a plurality of gospel teachers.


B.    False teachers must be sharply rebuked. v. 13b


C.    False teachers must be removed from the church. 3:10-11




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