Standing Firm in the View of the Cross

January 27, 2013

Scripture: Exodus 13:17–14:31

Exodus 13:17-14:31 The Crossing of the Red Sea.

At the Red Sea crossing, we see:

God's salvation is sovereign - He saves His people because He so chooses and fullfills His promises.

God's salvation is surprising - God does not work in the ways we would expect. God turns His enemies' momentum against them to bless His people.

God's salvation is sustained - God does not saves his people once, equip them for self-defence, and then leave them to fight their own battles.  Ultimate salvation can only be found in the Lord.

When we remember how God worked his salvation for Israel through His servant Moses, we are reminded how He saves us through His Son, Jesus.

At the cross we see that:

God's salvation is sovereign - The cross is God's fullfillment of His promise to Israel.  We are secure in His sovereign choosing to save us and our salvation is not dependant upon our own merit or gratitude.

God's Salvation is Surprising - God saves us in a far more dramatic way than the parting of a sea.  God becomes man, and dies for those who put him there.  God uses Satan's momentum against him.

God's Salvation is Sustained - God closed up the sea behind Israel, and when we put our faith in Jesus for our salvation, we cross over from death to life.  There is no return.  This good news is used by the Spirit to sustain us and fuel godliness.