An Authoritative Model of Gospel-Driven Ministry, Part 6

November 4, 2012 Pastor: John Fonville Series: Titus

Scripture: Titus 1:1–1:4

An Authoritative Model of Gospel-Driven Ministry


Text: Titus 1:1-4


November 4, 2012




I.          A gospel-driven ministry is devoted to the service of the gospel. 1:1a-b


II.         A gospel-driven ministry is devoted to the goals of the gospel. 1:1c-3a


A.         Faith, 1:1c

B.         Knowledge, 1:1d

C.         Godliness, 1:1e




D.         Hope, 1:2-3a


What is hope?

Hope means to expect life in the midst of death, and righteousness in the midst of sins,” (Luther’s Works, vol. 29, p 11).


What is the hope of eternal life?

“Even though I am aware of my sin, Jesus Christ intercedes, and He does not accuse us.’ His intercession must be grasped by faith, which senses in fact that Christ is accusing, but which expects in hope that Christ is interceding for it. In that death there will be life for me, for Christ is Lord of death…I am a sinner and can never set myself free. I have been ungrateful for the blessings of God. But in the midst of sin I have the hope of eternal life. That is a great proclamation,” (Luther’s Works, vol. 29, p. 11).


1.         God promises, 1:2c


“It is the greatest of consolations for weak consciences that He does not base eternal life on our virtues or merits. If He had done that, no one would be saved; for we are so fragile, unstable, and unsure that after one hour we become ungodly and unbelieving. Therefore, in order that our hope might be solid and sure, life eternal is based upon the promise of God, which cannot lie,” (Luther’s Works, vol. 29, pp. 12-13).


2.         God does not lie, 1:2b


“This expression…is added for glorifying God, and still more for confirming our faith. And, indeed, whenever the subject treated is our salvation, we ought to recollect that it is founded on the word of Him who can neither deceive nor lie,” (Calvin’s Commentaries, vol. 21, p. 285).


3.         God fulfills, 1:3a


“…so this (Christ’ first coming) is an earnest and evidence that all the gospel-promises shall be accomplished. God hath fulfilled His Word, in giving Christ to the death; then certainly He will fulfill all the other promises of blessing and mercy in the new covenant, which were ratified by His blood,” (Ralph Erskine, Redemption By Christ).





The hope of eternal life is promised by God, fulfilled by God and consummated by God. Therefore, look with faith alone to the God of promise and performance!


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