An Authoritative Model of Gospel-Driven Ministry, Part 1

September 30, 2012 Pastor: John Fonville Series: Titus

Scripture: Titus 1:1–1:4

An Authoritative Model of Gospel-Driven Ministry

Part 1


Text: Titus 1:1-4

September 30, 2012




I.          Gospel-Driven Godliness and Paul's Apostleship. 1:1-4


…Paul had in view the whole church, and not Titus alone; for his apostleship was not disputed by Titus…Here his design was, to bring into subjection those who had haughtily rebelled; and for this reason he extols his apostleship in lofty terms. He therefore writes this Epistle, not that it may be read in solitude by Titus in his closet, but that it may be openly published, (Calvin’s Commentaries, vol. 21, pp. 279-280).




I.     A gospel-driven ministry is submitted to the service of the gospel. 1:1a-b


A.         Paul: Servant of God, 1:1a


B.         Paul: Apostle of Jesus Christ, 1:1b




1.         Gospel-driven ministry is characterized by service.


2.         Gospel-driven ministry is characterized by authority.


Q. 104 “What does God require in the fifth commandment?”

A. “That I show all honour, love, and faithfulness to my father and mother and to all those in authority over me, submit myself with due obedience to their good instruction and discipline, and also have patience with their weaknesses and shortcomings, since it is God's will to govern us by their hand.” Heidelberg Catechism



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