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Become As I Am!, Part 4

April 10, 2011 Pastor: John Fonville Series: Galatians

Scripture: Galatians 4:12–4:20

Become as I Am!

Part 4


Text: Galatians 4:12-20





I. The Galatians’ previous attitude toward Paul signified their acceptance of Christ and the gospel. vv. 12b-14




II. The Galatians’ present attitude toward Paul signified their possible rejection of Christ and the gospel. vv. 15-16


Why the sudden and drastic change? How could the Galatians change so quickly from a warm reception to a troubling rejection?


“As soon as brethren or pupils are deceived by fanatical spirits and fall away from the doctrine of justification, they immediately begin to persecute the pious with bitter hatred, even though previously they loved them dearly,” (Luther’s Works, vol. 26, 413).




1.       In gospel-driven ministry, there is a price to be paid.


“…it appears to me that this is the fate of the apostles and of all faithful teachers, as the apostles testify in all their epistles…” (Luther’s Works, vol. 26, p. 414).


2.       In gospel-driven ministry, there is a party to be enjoyed.


“…if it really is God’s message, God’s true children rejoice to hear it. They know that if their loving Father is telling them something they would prefer not to hear, it must be for their own good” (Philip Ryken, Galatians, p. 176).


“the gospel urges you to come into God’s presence with joy. Feel the welcome that is yours for Christ’s sake. Enjoy the freedom that comes with worshipping God with a clear conscience, which is exactly what you were made to do in the first instance! Praise God for clothing you in the beauty of his holiness, and look forward to the day when you and all of his people will sit down at his table for that great and final feast in the company of Jesus. On that day, we will be made clean once and for all, gloriously arrayed in garments of his holiness, crowned with the beauty of his splendor, and overflowing with thankfulness to him for our great salvation” (Iain Duguid, Heralds of the King, p. 145).


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