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From Slavery To Sonship, Part 2

December 19, 2010 Pastor: John Fonville Series: Galatians

Scripture: Galatians 4:1–4:7

From Slavery to Sonship

Part 2


Text: Galatians 4:1-7




I. The law discloses our need for sonship. vv. 1-3




II. God the Father sent His Son to merit our sonship. vv. 4-5


A. The timing of the Son’s Sending, v. 4a


“But when the fullness of time had come”


“Why didn’t Christ appear sooner? Why did God wait so long to fulfill His promises?”


“At what time it was expedient that the Son of God should be revealed to the world, it belonged to God alone to judge and determine. This consideration ought to restrain all curiosity. Let no man presume to be dissatisfied with the secret purpose of God, and raise a dispute why Christ did not appear sooner,” (John Calvin, Galatians, p. 118).


B.       The Source of the Son’s Sending, v. 4b


“God sent forth His Son”


“In the covenant of redemption, the love of the Father and the Spirit for the Son is demonstrated in the gift of a people who will have Him as their living head. At the same time, the Son’s love for the Father and Spirit is demonstrated in His pledge to redeem that family at the greatest personal cost” (Michael Horton, God of Promise, p. 79).


C.       The Method of the Son’s Sending, v. 4c


“born of woman”


“The eternal Son of God, who is and remains true and eternal God, took upon Himself true human nature from the flesh and blood of the virgin Mary, through the working of the Holy Spirit. Thus He is also the true seed of David, and like His brothers in every respect, yet without sin” (Heidelberg Catechism, Q. 35).


Why does Paul mention both the deity and humanity of Christ in v. 4?


15. Q. What kind of mediator and deliverer must we seek?

A. One who is a true and righteous man, and yet more powerful than all creatures; that is, one who is at the same time true God.


16. Q. Why must He be a true and righteous man?

A. He must be a true man because the justice of God requires that the same human nature which has sinned should pay for sin. He must be a righteous man because one who himself is a sinner cannot pay for others.


17. Q. Why must He at the same time be true God?

A. He must be true God so that by the power of His divine nature He might bear in His human nature the burden of God’s wrath, and might obtain for us and restore to us righteousness and life.


19. Q. From where do you know this?

A. From the holy gospel…



 What benefit(s) do we receive from the incarnation?


“Infinite, and an infant. Eternal, and yet born of a woman. Almighty, and yet nursing from a mother. Supporting a universe, and yet needing to be carried in a mother’s arms. King of angels, and yet the reputed son of Joseph. Heir of all things, and yet the carpenter’s despised son. Oh, the wonder of Christmas” (Charles Spurgeon).


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