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Learning How To Love God & Neighbor, Part 2

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Date: November 18, 2018

Speaker: John Fonville

Series: Learning How To Love God & Neighbor

Category: The Great Commandment

Scripture: Matthew 22:37–22:40

Tags: grace, obedience, merit, abrahamic covenant, law, righteousness, imputation, Mercy, Gratitude, thanksgiving, Eucharist, guilt, forgiveness, debt, The Great Commandment, active obedience, passive obedience, Gentiles, debtors, lepers, Samaritan

Too often, believers think and speak as if they are still debtors to God. Consequently, many are poor lovers of God and their neighbor because they cannot truly love God or their neighbor if they are under the continual suspicion that they are debtors to Him. The reality is, debtors make poor lovers. So then, how do we do actually come to love God and our neighbor?